A Trucking Companies Worst Enemy (Themselves)

I’ve been driving professionally for fifteen years. I’ve labored as being a driver for owner operators to companies named within the top 50 company list. I have found some common deficiencies with trucking companies regardless of their size. These deficiencies For me personally take $ employing their earnings i can’t realise why without trying should improve it.

The styles that come up at motorists conferences would be the items that cost companies cash except I do not see anything across the front lines to show me everything is improving.

Administration takes step to relax trucker drive-time rules | |  register-herald.com


Once the sales repetition/ customer service accumulates a foreign exchange account I have found the dispatchers have no idea the enter in the customer account to correctly dispatch equipment or motorists to satisfy totally free styles criteria. This will make delays, driver and customer dissatisfaction.

Dispatchers inclination to slack motorists the entire information on the get requiring the motive pressure to help keep calling to dispatch to learn more which frustrates the motive pressure, customer and dispatcher. They seem to not learn in trip routing. They think 20 miles is twenty minutes away.

New policies I’ve discovered are learned by hear say more the normal full out forwarding of notifications to everyone personnel. This will make a delay entirely implementation which frustrates personnel and could cause unnecessary incurred costs or inadequate accounts.

Getting less communication leads to staff not necessarily following company policy simply they do not be familiar with policies and they are left wondering why they’re being disciplined for something they weren’t conscious of.


The trucking industry talks our ears off about training. Why then is niagra among the top insufficient our industry. Not once within my fifteen years have I received a person review or offered training.


You result in all motorists while they’re operating any commercial vehicles through your NSC number. You’ll need to ensure that the motorists are qualified and trained. If you’re a person for your business you have to keep records on yourself whenever you would every other driver. You’ll meet NSC needs within the “motorists” category by:

Supply Chains Latest: U.S. Truckers Battle Multiple Headwinds. - Bloomberg


acquiring a person record when hiring motorists

ensuring the motorists are qualified and trained when hired

ensuring driver qualifications are maintained including reference checks and past employment performance

in your candidate shopping process ensuring motorists understand NSC safety standards.

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