Genesis has recently released the 2023 model year edition of the G70, which is known in the industry of automobile as an exemplary luxury compact sedan model. The 2023 Genesis G70 is now included in the segment of the most luxurious cars, competing against models like the Lexus IS 300, BMW 3 Series, and the Audi A4, shared by the sales department of the Villanova Genesis dealer.

The 2023 Genesis G70 is a luxury sedan model that has quite an aggressive approach to handling the road while making its presence felt, from every angle you look at it. To describe the 2023 Genesis G70 sedans, the first thing that needs to be told is the fact that this model aims to ensure a heightened level of luxury for the users.

Exterior Profile

To look at the 2023 Genesis G70 from the front, it will appear extremely elegant. With ample focus given to the aspect of sophistication, the front fascia of the 2023 Genesis G70 will first grab the attention of the onlookers with its unique front grille, which sits at a comparatively lower height than what we get to see in similar profile models. The face of the 2023 Genesis G70 flanks exquisitely curved lines while combining sharp body lines. The overall body structure of the 2023 Genesis G70 sedan series considerably improvises the latest aerodynamics theories. The front face of the 2023 Genesis G70 looks gorgeous with the dual LED headlights that also help the driver with enhanced visibility, which automatically reduces the chances of a head-on collision.

Higher Standards of Safety

Safety being the primary concern for the car users to feel the in-car luxury presupposes that a luxury car like the 2023 Genesis G70 will offer higher levels of safety both for the car occupants and its surrounding atmosphere. Meeting the expectations to the full, Genesis has installed a bunch of advanced safety and driver assist features like Forward and Rear collision avoidance assists, Rear cross-traffic collision alert, Blind spot collision avoidance assist, Lane Keeping and Departure Alert system, Highway driving assist, Smart cruise control, High beam assist, Rear occupant alert, Safe exit warning, Driver attention warning. All this ensures that no probable cause arises that can lead the 2023 Genesis G70 models to get trapped in an accident.

Interior Cabin Luxuries

The 2023 Genesis G70 sedans are loaded with features that adorn the interior with every possible luxury one can think of. Right from the quality of the materials used on the upholstery to the hard surfaces, or from the luxury gadgets to the infotainment elements, the 2023 Genesis G70 models have it all. The special feature package that makes things still better at the interior front is the Sports Prestige package which includes standard features like a Nappa leather-wrapped cabin with aluminum accents. Space being available abundantly in every G70 model, the cabins of the G70 allow every traveler to enjoy a wide individual seat while leaving about 10.5 cubic feet in the trunk for the cargo items, mentioned the Villanova Genesis dealership.

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