Anyone who already owns a reliable mechanic shop knows the value it has and the difficulty in finding one. As much as you take care of your car, sooner or later it will need to be overhauled or even repaired. And if you don’t know anyone who can recommend a reliable workshop, it’s no use choosing just for the price. As the saying goes, cheap can be expensive. As you search by services of auto repair near me  you can now get some very interesting results.

It is also important that the service is good, the parts used are of quality, the labor is qualified and deadlines are respected. With all this in mind, here are some tips that will help you when choosing a good service provider.


It is important that the workshop is able to perform the services, with structure, equipment, tools and trained professionals. You can see all of this as soon as you enter the place. See if there is a reception or a space to serve customers and see if there are diplomas on the walls certifying the training carried out by the team.

Prior Research

Research the CNPJ of the workshop to see if the establishment is not clandestine. It is also worth researching if there are complaints against the company on specialized websites or at the locality.

Specialized Workshop

Be aware if your car is imported or if the necessary repair is very specialized. In these cases, it is essential to look for a workshop that is also specialized.

First Contact

When leaving the car at the workshop, it is essential that a response period is defined and that a check list of the vehicle is made, detailing the car’s state of conservation (scratches, dents, etc.), the fuel level, the mileage and equipment and accessories. Also see if they put covers on the seats and steering wheel to protect the interior lining. Depending on the service to be performed, also check if there are protective covers for the bodywork.


In the budget, it is essential that every service to be performed is detailed, with all costs. If there is any doubt, this is the time to test the service. See if the professionals are able to clarify your doubts and if they are willing to do so too.


Compare costs and benefits at different garages before choosing which one to do the service. Ask about the warranty period and other information you think is relevant so you can compare companies in more detail.

New Parts

According to Consumer Protection, the customer is the one who must choose whether to place original and new or reconditioned parts. As described in the Consumer Protection Code, if the customer does not specify, the parts to be used must always be original. If, on the other hand, the customer wishes to use refurbished parts, he must leave the order in writing and signed.

Invoice and Warranty

Once the service is ready, the workshop must provide the invoice describing everything that was done and all the parts replaced, in addition to indicating the warranty period. According to Idec, regardless of a written term, the legal guarantee is three months.

Drive The Vehicle

After taking the car out of the workshop, drive the vehicle to check that there are no problems or unwanted noises. And if the contracted service has not been done accordingly, the customer can ask for it to be redone at no additional cost.

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