If you are planning a motorcycle trip, it is advisable to pack your bike with the right luggage like Kriega drybag. Pack heavier items at the base of your bags to avoid overpacking and leaving your motorcycle empty. This way, the mass will be kept central, and the handling effects will be minimized. Make sure to pack everything properly and have a designated place for each item. Check your jacket pockets to ensure there is no item you forgot to pack!

Kriega bikes’ luggage is designed to withstand rugged off-road conditions. The Kriega R20 and R30 backpacks feature a patented quad lock harness for even weight distribution across the shoulders and chest. For extra durability, the luggage has a 10-year guarantee. If you are a hardcore biker, you’ll want to consider Kriega luggage for your motorcycle trip.

There are many other options for motorcycle bags, but KRIEGA bags have proven to be the best. They can protect your gear from damage and are also weather-resistant so that you can use them in any weather. A padded shoulder strap and ridged carry handle to make your bike bag easier to lift and carry. And as a bonus, you can lock the bag to prevent it from being stolen.

You can also use the Kriega OS-18 backpack, which has integrated straps and hook loops. It is easy to attach it to most pannier frames and racks. A heat shield is recommended for the OS-BASE. If you buy a Kriega OS-18, you can purchase additional top packs for your motorcycle luggage rack that can attach to it. These bags are versatile enough to fit any trip; you can even use the additional ones when you take them along on another trip.

If you want to learn more about how to pack for motorcycle trips with Kriega bags, you can read this infographic from Motorrad Garage.

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