The market share of e-bikes in 2021 is USD 35.69 billion. The global electric bicycle market size will reach USD 52.37 billion by 2030 | CAGR: 12.6%. In 2022, oil prices will rise, and more people hope that the means of transportation can reduce carbon emissions and promote the concept of sustainable development. Therefore, more and more people will switch from driving fuel vehicles to new energy electric bicycles. Because they are more environmentally friendly than oil, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the climate.

E-bikes are easier to ride than traditional bikes for baby boomers, and there are pedal assist and gas pedals on the market today, as well as pedal functions like traditional bikes, so that’s what makes e-bikes a hot market one. No matter in winter, in rainy weather, on the beach, or on rugged mountain roads, these electric bicycles make mountain climbing and long-distance travel no longer difficult. Some e-bikes come with racks, baskets, fenders, and other features that make transport a breeze.

If you are planning to buy an electric bicycle, then you need to pay attention to which features of the electric bicycle are more suitable for you?

Mainly focus on the battery, motor, tires and high-quality disc brakes, sturdy shelves, etc. of electric bicycles. You can choose a suitable electric bicycle according to your needs.

Here are the best e-bikes for a range of riders

  • Best Overall HIMIWAY ZEBRA

This e-bike tops the overall ranking for its practical design and affordable price. The HIMIWAY ZEBRA features an integrated rear rack that is comfortable and helpful for hauling anything. The bike’s 750-watt motor helps you haul cargo and tackle any hills on the road, and the bike can go more than 80 miles per charge.

This company ships its bikes directly to consumers. The company has also partnered with several suppliers for offline stores. Can meet your needs.

Price at launch: $1,999


Budget-friendly e-bikes often skimp on quality to keep prices low. But INTHEAIR CITYRIDE including tires, disc brakes and Shimano drivetrain are all high quality. It’s capable of 20 mph, and five levels of electronic assist offer plenty of pedaling options. The bike is available in two sizes so you can choose according to your height.

It’s a basic product – fenders and racks. However, for those looking to get around town on a simple, well-made e-bike on the cheap, it will work just fine.

Price at launch: $999

  • Best for Urban Commuting RADPOWER RadCity 5 

The RadCity 5 electric bike is designed for urban living and storage

Make commuting the best part of your day with the RadCity 5 Plus High-Step. Available in high and low frame designs, it offers hydraulic disc brakes and a 750W geared hub motor to help you conquer hills effortlessly, while the semi-integrated battery makes charging and storing it a breeze.

Price at time of publication: $1,999

  • Best Cargo KBO RANGER

Fast and strong is probably the best way to describe the KBO Ranger. It can hold up to 400 lbs. Heavy duty frame integrates rear frame, disc brakes and battery 840WH Samsung/LG Cells). The battery is removable.

It’s pricier, but you can also cheat your ride with more comfortable seats, all-weather coverage and a partner bar for passengers to hold on to. that’s right. This e-bike could easily be a bike for two adults. This means you can experience date night like never before.

Price at launch: $1699

  • Best for Long Distances JUICED

Are you considering an electric bike for the long term? Then the Scrambler might just become your new favorite road trip buddy. It comes in two models – Camp and City. Camp comes with knobby tires so you can go off-road on rough terrain. The urban model has street tires for galloping through urban sprawl.

Both feature 750W motors, so you’ll have enough power to cruise at speeds up to 28mph. It also has a range of 45 miles on a single charge. (Boost HyperScrambler2 and cover 100+ miles).

Price at launch: $1,599

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