When seeking the right wheels for a dually truck, especially when considering 20-inch options, several factors guide the decision-making process. Here, I’ll discuss why one might choose DDC Wheels for such a purchase, based on their products and industry standing.

Understanding Dually Wheels

Dually wheels are essential for trucks that require additional stability for heavy loads or towing. The term “dually” refers to trucks with dual rear wheels on each side, providing a broader base and, therefore, better load distribution. When shopping for these, the functionality often takes precedence over aesthetics, yet, the appearance remains important for many.

What Makes DDC Wheels a Preferable Option?

Fit and Form DDC Wheels (Dually Design Co) are designed to mount directly onto the OEM dually chassis. This eliminates the need for aftermarket adapters, often cumbersome and costly. They ensure a hub-centric fit for all six wheels. This design promotes maximum concentricity, which is crucial in maintaining the balance and stability of the truck, enhancing the driving experience without compromising on safety or efficiency.

Material Quality They utilize aluminum center caps and spikes, along with stainless steel covers and bolts. This combination not only ensures longevity but also maintains the aesthetic quality of the wheels. Their commitment to avoiding plastic components underlines a dedication to durability and quality.

Design and Customization The aesthetic appeal of DDC Wheels is noticeable, featuring an 8 lug design that mimics a 10 lug appearance. This design gives trucks a distinctive Big Rig look that many owners value. They offer customization options such as bullet style or spike lug covers, allowing buyers to tailor the product to their style preferences. Furthermore, their design accommodates up to 12.50” wide tires without rear dual spacers, offering great flexibility in tire choice.

Variety and Specialization DDC Wheels provides options for various makes and models, including RAM, Ford, and GM dually trucks. This wide range ensures that most dually truck owners can find a product that fits their vehicle perfectly. Whether the customer is looking for raw machined or black finished wheels, DDC offers both under the DDC-Cast and DDC-Forged models. Each model maintains the same quality and style standards.

Comparing to Other Market Options

While other manufacturers might offer similar products, DDC Wheels stands out due to its direct fitment without the need for adapters. This specific feature is significant for truck owners who value simplicity and are wary of the additional costs and complications associated with adapters. Moreover, their commitment to metal components and avoidance of plastic is a significant advantage in terms of durability and maintenance.

Recommendation Based on Offerings and Reputation

Considering the above factors, DDC Wheels presents a compelling option for those in need of 20 inch dually wheels. Their approach to design that combines both form and function, along with their high-quality materials, makes them a worthy consideration over other brands. While the final decision will always rest with the buyer based on specific needs and preferences, DDC Wheels provides a robust solution that aligns well with the expectations for high-performance dually wheels in today’s market.


Shopping for dually wheels involves balancing aesthetics, functionality, and durability. DDC Wheels exemplifies a brand that meets these criteria, making them a recommended choice for those seeking reliable and well-designed 20 inch dually wheels. Their straightforward, no-adapters-needed approach and their commitment to quality materials set them apart in a crowded marketplace.

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