What Makes the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado a Highly Rated Pickup?

One of the best pickups in this market is the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado, which allows people to have a truck that enables them to opt for several activities and more. Its performance, pricing, and other aspects led it to be the most highly-rated pickup in recent times. To buy this vehicle, visit Rockwell Chevrolet GMC dealer instantly.

The things that make it a high-rated pickup

Several features have led this vehicle to become one of the most highly-rated pickups in the world. These reasons include four major aspects:

  • Powertrain
  • Towing
  • Interior
  • Price

Knowing about these three will help in understanding their high ratings!

  1. Powertrain for every work

Every Colorado comes with a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine. The power output by this engine depends on what trim level an individual buys; however, this engine is mated with an automatic 8-speed engine.

The base trims like the WT and LT models will offer 237 hp and a torque of 259 lb-ft of torque. This power makes it better than most pickups in this segment. Nevertheless, people choosing to get the Trail Boss, Z71, etc. will enjoy 310 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque as the same engine is tuned differently than what is done for entry-level models. Such ponies make it offer more power than its rivals’ V6 engines.

The powertrain everyone wants is the ZR2; it offers 310 horses but its torque capability is 430 lb-ft. However, Chevy has discontinued providing the diesel variant and V6 option for Colorado in 2023. The other features of ZR2 include DSSV dampers, a power-locking system for rear and front differentials, and more.

  1. Towing

This pickup is capable of hauling 7,700 pounds and is one of the highest haulers in the mid-size truck category. However, lower-end trims will be able to tow 3,500 pounds only. The higher-end trims towing capability is much more than what its competitors in the same segment can offer. If you want to know more about its towing capability, then visit Rockwell Chevrolet GMC dealership.

  • Interior

Chevy has made massive strides when it comes to interior of Colorado. The layout is always a crew cab four-door layout. In addition, Chevy has put a newly designed center console which looks far more fetching than the old one. The updated design also consists of a gauge cluster newly designed, an infotainment screen, an updated steering wheel design, and more.

  1. Price

The WT and LT cost $30,695 and $33,095. However, the ones that people always choose to get include either of the three variants; Trail Boss ($38,495), Z71 ($41,395), or ZR2($48,295). Hence, if you are getting one, it should be either of the three mentioned here. It is an amazing pickup that you should get.

If you are planning to buy a pickup in recent times, the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado should be your top priority. Chevrolet has done an amazing job in creating an almost perfect pickup in the mid-size segment and thus, you shouldn’t choose anything else.

Don’t take anyone’s word; test drive it yourself today for clarity!


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