The Ministry of Transport or MOT examination is a critical part of ensuring that the vehicles on the UK’s roadways maintain a basic degree of roadworthiness. First introduced back in 1960, it’s now a core part of running, as well as preserving a vehicle here in the UK.

What do they check during my MOT? 

The MOT Dartford looks for a minimal degree of functioning to allow your vehicles to be secure on the road. Having claimed that, the MOT test probably includes more checks than you would assume. These are divided into four major groups:

  • Interior Examination

In the vehicle’s inside, the checks consist of the appropriate functioning of the lights, as well as switches, the safety belt and the seats, the steering wheel, the wipers, and steering column, the mirrors, the speedometer, the doors, as well as the horn.

  • Outside checks

When it comes to the outside of the vehicle, inspectors will examine your lights, plates, as well as indicators. They’ll take a look at the vehicle’s tires, bodywork, and wheels. Wipers and mirrors are inspected also, as are the windows, as well as the windshield. All doors are going to be analysed, and they are going to even examine the tow bar and gas cap if there is one fitted.

  • Below vehicle checks

There’s a whole lot taking place under a vehicle, so this is offered a detailed evaluation too. The examiner will take a look at the steering, as well as drive shafts in addition to your shock absorbers and suspension. Wheel bearings and brakes will all be checked out. The fuel system and exhaust will be examined, and the total problem of the vehicle will be taken into account too.

  • Under the bonnet checks

They’ll additionally take an excellent look under the hood to analyse the electrical circuitry, as well as the battery. Oh, as well as they’ll check that the actual bonnet secures safely as well!

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