You must have car warranties for the vehicle protections after buying from manufacturing companies. Customers face problems due to accidental breakdowns in remote locations and suffer from financial obligations. The guarantee includes service costs, damage parts costs, and labor charges on behalf of customers. Insurances are similar to warranties but different in terms. Manufacturers cover all car expenses during the warranty period after car purchuse. Consumers sometimes worry that car dealers will reject their claims if the repairs were done in independent workshop. However, according to Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS), they rarely void warranties because of that. Customers take vehicles to manufacturers for exchanging parts or servicing against any manufacturing defect. Here learn about car warranties and their benefits on cars.

Kinds of car warranties-

Brand new car warranty

This warranty comes with buying a brand new car for about four years from the manufacturing company and models. The auto-new warranty covers manufacturing defects like broken windows or engine malfunctions. Always carry the manufacturer’s warranty card to avoid personal expenditures.

Old car warranties

Extended car warranties are for the old vehicles for the period extensions after the original term period. This extension is for about 4 years after the original warranty period. Customers can buy the extension warranty card while buying the vehicle. It helps to save personal expenses and cover service charges under the warranty period.

Reasons to have a car warranty-

Exchange and repair car parts

Car warrantieshelp cover all repairing costs and damage car parts without extra personal charges from customers. It makes the service cheaper than the original prices where the manufacturer remains responsible for car handling. They arrange the remote parts from other states or countries in need that are unavailable here.

Free of sudden expenses

Having one-car warranty cards covers the service charges and damage expenses without worrying. Consumers relax about unforeseen damages because manufacturers take care of them. All hefty amounts and labor charges go directly from the warranty cards.

Cheaper costs

Extension of car warranties is available at low prices than original cards because of existing users. Warranty cards are with car prices for an easy payment process and hassle-free transactions. Customers do not pay any extra charges for the extension period from the manufacturers directly unless they buy it.

Increases resale value

The car value increases with car warranties cards for reselling quality maintenance and new parts. The price remains higher because of the manufacturer’s services and installation on behalf of damaged parts. Manufacturers ensure a damage-free car without a single scratch for the card services. Customers can send a notice or express grievances for any problems arising within the time. Manufacturers replace the damaged parts without any extra charges from customers.

Warranty conditions

The warranty card comes with terms and conditions for the customers. Without following the conditions, manufacturers disqualify the card despite the time. Labor charges and service costs all become the customer’s expenses without the warranty card. A warranty card covers accidental or sudden damaged parts to save lump sum expenses.

Car warranties cover all mechanical engine parts and electrical wires of your car. It includes airbag quality, seat belts, steering, and other items.

Final thoughts

Car warranties are financial backup plans for vehicle protection against unforeseen losses. Warranties save customers from faulty parts and reduce the liability burdens. Opt for car warranties to compensate for all losses and accidents. Insurances are similar to warranties for the financial protection of the vehicle. Click here for details.

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