There has been a massive advancement in automobile industry production and management systems. The industry has faced severe challenging markets due to the rise of globalization, digitalization, and the changed behaviour of the consumers. The size of an organization does not affect the growth and success of a company. In addition to increasing market pressure, the safety requirement and environmental standards are one of the biggest challenges in front of the automobile industry.  

Brief History 

Toyota entered the market in 1957 by performing the American road test, and it failed the test due to excessive heat and vibration. It introduced the Corolla Altis in 1966, which became one of the best-selling cars. It manufactured the smaller version of Corolla in 1968. Toyota introduced the 12th generation model in 2016 in the US markets. It has fantastic sharp LED lights at the front, attracting consumers’ attention.

Second-Hand Customers Of Toyota Altis

Thailand is a country where second-hand trading is very prevalent, and they have various facilities to open up second-hand car trading. Many online websites offer Used Toyota Altis for sale (Toyota Altis มือ สอง, which is a term in Thai) at discounted rates. The cars are in good condition and can be purchased in easy monthly instalments. The maximum price of the car is about 415,000 Baht. The vehicles are 2 to 3 years old and can be booked online.

The Various Factors That Affect The Automobile Industry 

  • Globalization
  • Changed behaviour of the consumers 
  • Competitive market

The markets have been globalized due to the emergence of liberalization. The industry has the opportunities to enter the new market, threaten new entrants, and enlarge competition. The customers’ behaviour has changed a lot. They need products that cater to their demands and requirements. So the automobile industry has to offer products that satisfy their demands. The companies had to reduce the products’ lifecycle to address the consumers’ expectations. Newly advanced technologies have been posing threats to the automobile industry. The average product lifecycle was nearly eight years in the past, but nowadays, the products are modified within two years. Digital technology has been the driving factor in the automobile industry. There are fast transformations in the industry which makes the companies should remain more competitive and sustainable. They had to adapt to the unprecedented situations of the market. They are required to have problem-solving tools and methods to handle uncertainty swiftly. The industries are required to maintain good customer relationships to increase the company’s brand visibility.

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