Civilian armored SUVs are undoubtedly the next in line for the latest vehicle advancements. An SUV, or sport utility vehicle, is generally rugged and designed to be able to take on rough terrain. They’ve been traditionally popular with families who need a reliable car to transport them safely through all sorts of weather. Up until recently, these family vehicles have come without a bulletproof package. And they are called civilian armored SUVs.

You can consider buying a Troy Armoring civilian armored suv if you are looking for a reliable and rugged SUV that can keep you safe. The most popular types of civilian armored SUVs include the Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz ML, Cadillac Escalade, BMW X5, Ford Expedition, and Chevy Suburban. While all of these vehicles give you a smooth ride and are durable, they all differ in design and comfort levels. Your decision will depend on your budget, as well as your personal preference when it comes to vehicle style.

Let us now see the main characteristics of civilian armored SUVs.

  • Average armor level

Most civilian armored SUVs come with an average armor level. These cars are designed to protect you against light small arms fire, but they may not be able to sustain heavy gunfire. If you are looking for a vehicle that can protect you from heavy weaponry, sometimes even from high-powered military ordnance, then you should look out for vehicles with higher armor levels.

  • Focus on blending in

Most civilian armored SUVs don’t have much in the way of military features. They aren’t designed to be used by the military, so they tend to look more like normal family cars rather than battle-ready vehicles. However, they do come with bullet-resistant glass.

  • Extra enhancements other than bulletproofing

Most civilian armored SUVs come with extra enhancements other than bulletproofing. They may come with extra armor plating, but they also often come with advanced security features. These include state-of-the-art VHS/ACT fleet management systems and high-definition GPS navigation systems.

  • Less luxury, more safety

You can’t always expect luxury in an armored SUV. Most of these vehicles are designed to serve a practical purpose, and less luxury means more safety. The design of the vehicle should also be considered since you want a vehicle that looks good but doesn’t look out of place in the neighborhood.

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