The abrupt impact of a car accident can be shocking and distressing for anyone. Although often avertible, such crashes, accidents, and collisions are reported frequently in California. If you ever endure the consequences of such a crash in Los Angeles, you need to know your rights and the state laws related to auto accident claims. While consulting one of the known car accident attorneys Los Angeles is your best bet; here are some key pointers that need your attention. 

The fault system & rules in California

  1. California is a pure comparative fault state. If you bear the share of fault in an accident, you will lose a part of the awarded settlement, depending on your fault share. However, you can still sue the other at-fault party, even when you are more at fault than them. 
  2. The statute of limitations allows a deadline of two years for auto accident claims. If you want to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party, you must do it within the two-year deadline. If you miss the same, the court will deny/dismiss your case. Please note that the deadline starts from the accident date. 

You should hire a lawyer in some circumstances

It is not necessary, at least by law, to hire an attorney for your accident claim. However, there are some circumstances when hiring a lawyer can actually help. Consider legal assistance if – 

  1. Your expenses or losses are expected to increase by $10,000
  2. You have sustained severe injuries that may take months to heal
  3. You are partly to blame for the accident
  4. You believe that more parties are at fault than just the other driver
  5. You have no experience filing an accident claim

Insurance companies are unlikely to play fair

Don’t expect the insurance claims adjuster to be fair to you. They will do what it takes to reduce the company’s liability they are working for. In other words, you cannot assume the other side to be empathetic to your injuries or losses. More importantly, these companies adhere to bad faith insurance tactics and practices to frequently deny accident claims. Hiring an attorney is also about protecting your interests. Lawyers can negotiate better, and if the insurance company’s offer or settlement is unlikely to cover the losses, they can take legal action in the civil court. 

There is no denying that the accident’s aftermath can be hard to deal with. Don’t let the situation overwhelm your mind – get an attorney. 

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