The F-150 has long been the go-to American pickup truck. It’s known for its best-in-class towing capacity, being able to carry over 13,000 pounds. The truck comes with a military-grade aluminum-alloy body that stands the test of tough terrain and prolonged hard driving. With a truck that is capable of so much, comes to some important responsibilities. It is essential to have and maintain the correct brakes for your F-150, and the NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are a perfect choice.

Maintaining Your Ford F-150 Brake Pads

Owning a truck as powerful as this one can also mean the responsibilities of regular maintenance and servicing. To give your brakes the longest life and best performance, it’s a good idea to have them serviced before problems arise. You can have your F-150’s brakes inspected for free, along with battery testing, and general fluid level checking at most maintenance shops.

At the first sign of any wear or damage to your brake pads, you will want to take your truck into the shop to get it looked at. Common F-150 brake pad wearing signs include pulsation, vibration, a burning smell, weird or unusual noises, and the appearance of a brake indicator light on your dashboard. Maintenance shops like Les Schwab and Firestone can service and perform the proper maintenance on your Ford F-150 in as little as one day.

For less maintenance and longer life, you will want to consider NRS Galvanized Brake Pads. They offer the best Ford brake pads on the market and have several features that make them the go-to choice.

The mechanical attachment of galvanized hooks to the brake backing makes for an improved adhesive which leaves the brake pads less vulnerable to failure during normal and rough driving. NRS Ford F-150 brake pads also include a specially designed caliper piston cushion that minimizes noise while braking. The cushion absorbs vibration while driving, decreasing your chances of picking up rocks that can damage your pads. With this technology, you’ll save all the money you would have spent getting the traditional brake pads serviced at the shop.

When to Replace Your Ford F-150 Brake Pads

Traditional brake pads only last so long, and you’ll want to replace them before they damage your vehicle or become a safety concern. In general, traditional brake pads last 30,000 to 40,000 miles, but rough driving can also shorten the brake pad’s lifespan.

Signs that you should replace your Ford brake pads include the following:

  • Excessive squeaking or squealing coming from brake pads
  • Your truck isn’t able to stop as quickly as it used to
  • Brake Pad Indicator Light on the dashboard
  • Brake pads have become thinner
  • Grinding sound while braking
  • Shaking or vibrating while braking

If you want longer life out of your brake pads, you need to take a look at NRS Galvanized Brake Pads. These are the best brake pads available for all models of Ford F-150s. The introduction of zinc in the galvanizing of the pads has made them corrosion resistant, which reduces the chance of rust accumulation. The brake pads from NRS are durable in any condition: sun, snow, dirt, or mud.


Maintaining your F-150’s brake pads is a constant process of care and servicing. This is especially true with traditional brake pads. They wear down quicker, leading to damage to your vehicle down the line. But the galvanized brake pads from NRS paired with their unique piston cushioning to absorb vibration, offer a better solution. Grab a new set of NRS Ford F-150 Galvanized Brake Pads today!


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