No matter how positively you see it, your divorce is a life-changing decision. Sometimes, despite all the good work, marriages fail. If you believe that a divorce is an unavoidable decision, you have to consult an attorney at the earliest. The role of a lawyer is often undermined, especially for matters related to family law and divorces. It is okay to have your expectations when meeting a divorce lawyer in Houston, but below are some key aspects that you need to discuss. 

  • Your situation. You don’t always need to explain why you need a divorce, but your lawyer would want to know the circumstances. This would help them determine their strategy and advise you on important matters. For instance, you can ask for alimony (also called “maintenance” in Texas), but if you were at fault (let’s say – adultery), this could impact your rights. It is absolutely important to discuss your situation with your attorney in person. 
  • The lawyer’s experience. As a client, you have every right to know your attorney. Ask the divorce lawyer if they have handled similar cases, what they think of your situation, and if they can handle a trial when needed. A good lawyer will answer your questions and offer an overview of the case. 
  • The costs. It is no secret that divorces can be expensive. Most divorce lawyers in Texas work at an hourly rate, which means if your divorce drags longer, you will have to pay more for the lawyer’s work. It is wise to get a ballpark quote in advance instead of dealing with a surprise later. Your lawyer should also share other costs and expenses of the case as applicable. 
  • Your rights and legal options. In Texas, you can seek medical insurance benefits for your spouse even after the divorce for a period of 36 rights. You are entitled to many rights, and it is your lawyer’s responsibility to explain all details. 
  • Possible reasons for contention. If you expect some friction with your spouse, let the lawyer know. A good divorce lawyer is someone who will try and mediate between two warring spouses to resolve matters amicably. They need to, at least, know what to expect when they talk to your spouse. 

Being honest with your divorce lawyer is highly important. It may mean talking or sharing personal and often uncomfortable details, but you cannot escape that aspect. 

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