We all know the fact that the industry of automobiles isn’t limited only to manufacturing and selling of products and is spread beyond repairing and maintenance of the same. However, not everybody is aware of some basic facts regarding the car repair industry, even though they might have undergone the process several times.

So, we are listing some of these basic facts about the car repair industry that we have learned from the expert technicians of the Soda Springs auto repair center.

Authorized and Private

The entire industry of car repair is divided into two, on the basis of their ownership. You can see plenty of car repair shops in and around your city, that not only vary in the range of services they provide but also in size and stature.

But that is not always the right way to evaluate the reliability of a car repair shop. The reliability comes from the reputation they have earned over the years, serving the people. But in this again, the major difference comes with the ownership of the repair center. While most of the repair shops we see on the roads are private, the bigger ones are in general authorized by dealerships of a certain automobile brand. The dealership authorized car repair centers will stay connected to the brands and they are the medium through which the brands stay connected to their users and help them maintain their products well.

Range of Services

In general, when we talk about private car repair shops, they are once again bifurcated based on the range of services they provide. The private repair centers usually come in two different kinds; one that focuses only on the physical aspects of the vehicles, and the other that deals with the mechanical parts of the cars. The former sector is known as the auto body shops or collision repair shops, while the latter is better identified as auto repair shops. We must not forget to mention here, that in the private shops, they do not usually mingle the two, while in the dealership authorized service centers, they offer both the kinds of services under the same roof.

OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Every car can be maintained well, only when we keep the parts replaced, as soon as they start decaying. In this respect again, there is a huge difference found in the automobile repair industry. The materials and parts used for replacement again come in two types. One which comes with the same specifications as they came when the car was bought new. These materials and parts come manufactured by the brand itself and are called Original Equipment Materials. But if you survey the market, you will also find materials and parts that are not branded and are manufactured in bulk. These parts are called aftermarket parts. When the issues with a car are not that serious and replacement of the part is not supposed to affect the drive quality, people do not mind going with aftermarket parts, since they are cheaper and are easily available. On the contrary, any part which is crucial for the safety or drive-quality of a car needs to be replaced by original parts, or OEMs alone; suggested the team leader of technicians at the center of car repair service near Soda Springs.

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