In the 365 days, there is no adventure season. It begins as soon as you plan for it. There are plenty of options to try in any weather at different places. Have you heard of adventures in Jamaica? The time has gone when everyone was fond of water adventures. Now, individuals prefer more natural options. By the term ‘adventure’, you think of a thrilling event. Let’s talk about the incredible experience of Yaaman Adventure Park in Jamaica. 

Yamana Adventure Park in Jamaica

As the name suggests, this adventure park in Jamaica will let you experience real adventurous feelings. Let’s begin exploring what it has to calm your adventure craze.

The park adventure spot is located on 1k acre land. Moreover, it has five miles of lush trails that will add to your excitement. This is not it – the land is full of breathtaking scenarios.

Yaaman adventure park is an 18th-century Estate agricultural property with rich ancient records and cultural sceneries. You may have the following activities to take part in;

  1. Mud buggy ride
  2. Open-aired Carriage Lift
  3. Swim with dolphins program in Ocho Rios

You can choose any activity you like to have. Let it be a mother or a father, or it is a child – they all have the best-suited adventure experiences at Yaaman Adventure Park. 

Now, let’s talk about the preparation you need to do while planning for a visit to Yaaman Adventure Park. You should bring old clothes with you as you will be getting a muddy ride. Other than this bring the following as well;

  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash/Credit Card for buying add ons

Whoever will be driving your muddy car, remember to bring your Driver’s License as well. Moreover, the minimum age limit for the passengers is 6 years. 

In any adventure program, the safety of the participants is the foremost priority. So, for your safety, it is suggested that you don’t bring pregnant women with you. As the track is wet and dirty, it is not suitable for them. Moreover, patients with CVDs, cervical and back issues or disabled people should avoid becoming part of this adventure program. 

Budget matters when you are planning an activity. You will get all the details of the costs when you book your adventure. If you need to add on extra features like Photo memories, gift shop souvenirs, and other options, you will need to pay separately for each. If you are a craft lover, then you can pay for handcrafted items. 

Let’s have a look at the 3 packages available;

  1. Yaaman Full Hundred
  2. Yaaman Buggy or ATV’S
  3. Yaaman Rough Rider

ATVS in Jamaica is taken as the favorite of adventurers. The packages may vary from company to company.  All you have to notice is if they are offering what you need at the best prices. 

Take Away!

If you have ever experienced Yaaman Adventures Park before, then let others know in the comment. You can comment on any suggestions or queries as well. Plan the vacations soon and must give this adventure park a try.