Multiple upgrades and the addition of more style make the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer an ideal vehicle for all purposes. It is one of the best vehicles that people should check out before getting any other vehicle in 2023. To have a detailed look and test-ride it, you should visit Stevensville Jeep dealer. However, if you want, can take a look below to go through some of the essential details of this vehicle.

Powertrain info

Grand Wagoneer L now comes with a long wheelbase and thus, a new engine is introduced for it. This engine is called Hurricane as this 3L twin-turbo inline-six delivers 510 horses. It is mated with an automatic 8-speed and AWD drivetrain.

However, with a standard wheelbase, people can choose to get Jeep’s V8 6.4L engine that provides 471 horses. Nevertheless, most people choose to get the I-6 new engine as it offers better acceleration than the V8; it takes just 4.7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

Moreover, this vehicle comes with rear independent suspension. It is responsible for this SUV’s capability to deliver swift rides. Apart from the AWD system, this car also provides people with air adaptive suspension; this aids the automobile to raise its riding height by 3.6 inches maximum. Also, it boasts a ground clearance height of 10 inches and has a water-fording ability of 2 feet. In addition, this car can tow a maximum of 9860 pounds, which is better than what most of its rivals can offer.

  • Fuel economy

20 mpg on highways and 14 mpg in cities are what Grand Wagoneer’s inline-six powertrain offers. However, the L long-wheelbase trim drops highway mileage by 1. The V8 powertrain offers 13 mpg in cities and 18 mpg on highways.

To know more about the powertrain, fuel efficiency, etc. visit Stevensville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer today.

Interior details

It’s a three-row vehicle that can easily accommodate 7-8 passengers. This is an ideal car that provides a huge family, experience and enjoys the much-heard Jeep lifestyle. For the second row, people can opt for a bench seat to gain maximum seating capacity; however, the standard option is the captain’s chair which provides ideal comfort and luxuriousness.

The entire interior is made sophisticated and hence, it is filled with elegant aspects like high-tech gears, wood accents, a fully digital 12.3-inch gauge cluster, etc. Other features include a head-up display, customizable interior ambient lighting, its rear-view mirror is camera fed, a monitoring system for rear seats, and more.

Price structure

The price of this car starts from $89,995 which is for Series I model. The cost of the other models are Series II at $97,090, Series II Premium at $101,085, Series II Obsidian at $102,585, Series III at $109,995, and Series III Obsidian at $110,990.

You can choose any of the 2023 Jeep grand Wagoneer versions due to their performance capability. However, choosing the top models will allow an individual to enjoy the best luxurious aspects this car provides to its owners. Hence, visit a dealership quickly and take a test drive before booking it.