Can you imagine a future in which cars do not break down? In less than 10 years, self-driving cars will be the norm. To top it all off, they might even be 100% sustainable. Researchers from the University of Michigan have made promising discoveries towards this end while developing a system that allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and road infrastructure. The object is for each autonomous vehicle to find out where there are potholes or slippery surfaces on the road, which would then take up less time. Other car manufacturers such as Ford and Toyota are also trying to put an end to vehicle breakdowns by developing various systems which send alerts when parts need replacing before they actually break so you can avoid being caught totally unawares. If your car breaks down and you need a towing service, be sure to contact Shenton Recovery!

The car industry has just got another jolt, but this time it’s good news for drivers: Ford announced that its new cars would be enjoying the benefits of wireless charging as early as 2015. The system works by transferring energy wirelessly through electromagnetic induction to recharge your battery without the need to plug in your vehicle. As a result, you won’t have to visit a petrol station anymore – or even bother having a full-time parking space at home – and will only need minutes to charge up enough power for a journey of around nine miles.

“We also intend for these technologies to help us make better use of our resources,” said engineer Andrew Wailes from Penn State University, who is working on wireless recharging systems.

Industry experts predict that in the next 20 years, half of the cars on our roads will have self-driving functions or be fully electric with a range of 300 miles when charged from a domestic supply.

Make sure you have all the necessary spare parts in your car. With more and more cars being manufactured using lightweight materials, this means vehicle weights will be significantly decreased, and fuel utilisation will be considerably optimised.

“It’s easy to see how this could become widespread – drivers would benefit hugely plus it’s cheap and environmentally-friendly,” said David Bizley, RAC chief engineer.

What do you think? I like the idea of wireless recharging but don’t get me started on self-driving cars! I know it sounds cool not having to drive everywhere yourself, but I always feel nervous seeing those things on the road. They’re one accident waiting to happen if you ask me. Then you’ll need to call in a tow truck at

My brother recently got a remote control car from his work as a leaving present, and it’s absolutely amazing! It moves really easily and looks pretty cool too. He says he can’t wait to try it out at our next family gathering – I’m sure it’ll be a hit with his kids as well as all the adults.

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