Most important are the first few hours following a replacement of a windshield. Follow these guidelines to protect your new windshield.

You Should Wait Before Driving the Vehicle

For windshield replacement, you need to use an adhesive that firmly holds the glass in place and creates a waterproof seal. Allow the adhesive time to dry and set. We recommend waiting at least an hour after installation before driving your car. The technician will remind you to wait for at least one hour after the installation.

When you first enter your vehicle, look for any shards or glass left behind from your old windshield. Technicians ensure that all glass fragments are removed before returning the car to the owner. You can never be too cautious.

The First Two Days Following Windshield Replacement

There are some important precautions that you should take in the first 24 to 48 hrs after installing the new glass.

Keep the Area inside and outside the Car Clear

While the seal dries, it’s essential that nothing sticks to it or presses against it. On the first day after installation, avoid placing any type of cover on the outside of the vehicle. Don’t use a sunshade inside the windshield, and keep the dashboard clutter-free.

Keep a Window Cracked Open

As the seal around the auto glass dries, air pressure can create additional stress. To prevent pressure from causing leaks, keep the window at least one inch down. This is best done on the first day following installation.

Do Not Remove the Retention Tape

Car glass technicians use retention tape to secure the windshield moldings and protect the seal from the weather while it dries. Although this tape may not look good, it’s important to leave it in place for the first few days after installing the new glass.

Avoid Car Washes and Power Washers

Avoid high-pressure, automatic, and power washes to prevent damaging the new moldings or causing them to shift before they’ve fully set. It’s safe to wash your car with a handwash in the first 2 days after windshield replacement.

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