We are a team of budding engineering students from different streams based in PCT’s A.P. Shah Institute of Technology. We founded a sub-branch of Modified Auto Club with a passion for motorsport and a vision of engineering a high-performance single seater electric formula car.

“They say choose a job you love and you will never have to work hard a day in life”

That’s what we do here at Modified Auto Club Racing. We have built a platform for upcoming mobility engineers to face on newer challenges and fill in the need of quality engineers in this dynamic world.


Change is the need of the hour; relying on non-replenishable energy source is unsustainable in the long run. The vision of Modified Auto Club Racing is to create an environment for new sustainable ideas to flourish; and Formula Student is a competition that provides a great platform for new high-performance electric mobility ideas.

A proper Formula Student team is not just a club; it is a small business in its own right. The team must govern themselves, find funding and manage their budgets, recruit talents, design and fabricate an entire vehicle, manage sponsors and suppliers, and develop a long term plan.

We want to create a highly competitive Formula Car by applying our theoretical knowledge and putting it into practice in a complex working environment, thus cultivating the students and bridging the gap between academics and ever-advancing industry.


As the whole world is now getting right back from lockdown to normalcy, we too are now beginning fieldwork in our institution's workshop by taking into consideration all of the COVID-19 norms and precautions like wearing masks, social distancing and abiding by it!

Work has started on 14th September.

Please follow our social media for the latest updates!

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Basic Workshop Training
Basic Workshop Training


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Induction Motor Design
Charging Circuit
Analysis of Driven Sprocket
Tractive System Active Light
Brake System Plausibility Device (BSPD)
Steering System
Tractive System Active Light PCB (TSAL)
Wheels and Tires
Low Voltage Power Control Board
Interlock Circuit
Brake Pedal