Formula Student



Formula Student is the biggest design based competition in the world for engineers. Founded by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the first competition took place in 1998. Every year, competitions are held all across the globe. The winner is not necessarily the team with the fastest or the most perfect car, it is awarded to the team with the best package of fabrication, performance, financial, and sales argument.


Students from different universities across the globe are to build a single seater Formula racecar. The car is to be designed in such a way that the team is developing a prototype to be evaluated for production. The competition aims to develop engineering and enterprising young students, as well as to encourage more students to take up a career in engineering.


Germany – Formula Student Germany

Spain – Formula Student Spain

Czech – Formula Student Czech

East – Formula Student East

Michigan – Formula SAE Michigan

Italy – Formula Student Italy

Switzerland – Formula SAE Switzerland

India – Formula Bharat

Austria – Formula Student Austria


Netherlands – Formula Student Netherlands


UK – Formula Student UK


Static events:

  1. Business Plan Presentation: The objective of the BPP is to evaluate the team’s ability to develop and deliver a comprehensive business model which demonstrates their product – a prototype race car – could become a rewarding business opportunity that creates a monetary profit.

  2. Cost & Manufacturing Report: The objective of the cost and manufacturing event is to evaluate the team’s understanding of the manufacturing processes and costs associated with the construction of a prototype race car. This includes trade off decisions between content and cost, make or buy decisions and understanding the differences between prototype and mass production.

  3. Engineering Design Report: The concept of the design event is to evaluate the student’s engineering process and effort that went into the design of a vehicle, meeting the intent of the competition.

Points Breakdown of Formula Student (FS) Competition

Dynamic events:

  1. Skid Pad: This is to test the lateral grip of the car while making an constant radius turn.

  2. Acceleration: This event is to evaluate the acceleration of the car over the span of 75 meter.

  3. Autocross: This tests the dynamic efficiency, manoeuvrability and cornering capabilities of the vehicle.

  4. Endurance & Efficiency: This event is a 22 km long drive, including 1 driver change. This tests the time taken to complete the course as well as checks the efficiency of the vehicle.

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