The word “flatbed” refers to a vehicle with a flat frame, no roof, and no bed-enclosing sides is the definition to the age-old question of what is a flatbed truck. The bulk of the time, trucks are used to transport huge loads across poor roads or in adverse weather conditions. Due to their unique bed arrangement, they are perfect for transporting cargo that are too huge for enclosed vehicles. With the use of forklifts and similar equipment, they may be loaded swiftly and efficiently. However, flatbed trucks are available in numerous sizes and configurations. There are numerous sizes and models available.


Great Western Transportation reports that flatbeds are one of the most prevalent truck types due to their versatility. Since the flatbed truck can be loaded from any angle, it is a prominent player in the trucking sector. Maximum dimensions, weight, and volume are as follows:

  • 48 thousand pounds for freight
  • Width 8 ‘ 6″
  • 86 inches tall

This truck is designed to transport shaped or atypically sized steel utilized in machinery, products, and construction projects.

Deck Step

The step deck, another name for drop decks, includes both the top and bottom decks. They are designed to transport goods that are too tall or wide for standard flatbeds. Great Western Transportation discloses the size and weight of the vehicle.

  • Maximum shipment weight: 48,000 pounds
  • 37 feet for the hull’s lower deck
  • Height of upper deck: 11 feet
  • Width 8 ‘ 6″
  • 10 feet for the height of the lower deck

This type of vehicle’s cargo rides lower, allowing it to pass beneath low bridges despite carrying a big load. When you are in the centre of the road, loading ramps are commonly constructed so that you may easily enter or exit the bed.

Extendable flatbeds

Extendable flatbeds are also known as stretch trailers for flatbeds. These trailers may be extended in order to transport items that are too large for a standard flatbed. Maximum trailer weight and dimensions are as follows:

  • The maximum cargo weight is 43,000 pounds.
  • 48 feet at a minimum
  • 80 feet maximum length
  • width of 8.6 inches
  • 8 ft 6 inches

Because of the extensible bed, it can move objects without overhang. While some overhang is permissible, certain circumstances necessitate heavier loads, which require licenses and transfer trucks.

Stretch Single-Drop Deck

The extended flatbed is comparable to the single-drop stretch deck, which is likewise a drop deck. Stretch decks can be expanded to accommodate cargo that is too large for a typical step deck, just as expandable flatbeds can. Consequently, it is able to transport loads that a drop deck cannot. The maximum size and weight allowed to are:

  • Maximum cargo weight is 45,000 pounds.
  • Minimum main deck length of 35 feet
  • Maximum main deck length: 63 feet
  • Width 8 ‘ 6″
  • 10 feet in height
  • Front deck measurement: 10 feet

A bulkhead can be attached to the top of a single-drop stretch deck to secure big loads. In difficult braking situations, this can prevent stuff from slipping out. The goal is to bend the cargo so that it passes over the truck’s cab rather than clashing with it.